by Francis Quarles (1592 - 1644) and by Thomas Tusser (1524 - 1580)

Variation VI: (Finale) Noel!
Language: English 
Noel! Wassail! Good day, good day,
My Lord Sir Christëmas, good day!

Good day, Sir Christëmas our King,
For every man, both old and ying,
Is glad of your coming. Good day

Godës Son so much of might
From heaven to earth down is light
And born is of a maid so bright. Good day. 

Noel! Our King! Hosanna! 
This night a Child is born.

'Get ivy and hull, woman, deck up thine house,
And take this same brawn for to seethe and to souse;
Provide us good cheer, for thou knowest the old guise,
Old customs that good be, let no man despise.
At Christmas be merry and thank God of all,
And feast thy poor neighbours, the great and the small.
Yea, all the year long have an eye to the poor,
And God shall send luck to keep open thy door.
Good fruit and good plenty do well in thy loft,
Then lay for an orchard and cherish it oft.
The profit is mickle, the pleasure is much;
At pleasure with profit few wise men will grutch.
For plants and for stocks lay aforehand to cast,
But set or remove them, while Twelve-tide do last.

Welcome be Thou, heaven-king,
Welcome born in one morning,
Welcome for whom we shall sing 
Welcome Yule.

Welcome be ye that are here,
Welcome all, and make good cheer,
Welcome all another year! 

Welcome Yule.

Glory to God on high, and jolly mirth,
'Twixt man and man, and peace on earth!

Wassail, Wassail! 
Lully, lulley, lully, lulley...

Noel! Noel!
Herod that was so wild and wode.

Mine own dear mother... Jesu, Jesu!

This night a Child is born;
This night a Son is given;
This son, this Child
Hath reconciled
Poor man that was forlorn,
And the angry God of Heaven.
Hosanna, sing Hosanna!

Now, now that joyful day,
That blessed hour is come,
That was foretold
In days of old,
Wherein all nations may
Bless, bless the virgin's womb.
Hosanna, sing Hosanna!

Let heaven triumph above,
Let earth rejoice below;
Let heaven and earth
Be filled with mirth,
For peace and lasting love
Atones your God and you.
Hosanna, sing Hosanna! 

Note: this poem incorporates and interleaves several texts by Tusser, Quarles, and Anonymous (16th century).


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