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Four Songs for Voice and Violin

Word count: 351

Song Cycle by Gustav Holst (1874 - 1934)

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1. Jesu Sweet

Jesu Sweet, now will I sing
To Thee a song of love longing;
Do in my heart a quick well spring
Thee to love above all thing.

Jesu Sweet, my dim heart's gleam
Brighter than the sunnèbeam!
As thou wert born in Bethlehem
Make in me thy lovèdream.

Jesu Sweet, my dark heart's light
Thou art day withouten night;
Give me strength and eke1 might
For to loven Thee aright.

Jesu Sweet, well may he be
That in Thy bliss Thyself shall see:
With love cords then draw Thou me
That I may come and dwell with Thee.

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1 eke = also.

2. My soul has nought but fire and ice

My soul has nought but fire and ice
And my body earth and wood:
Pray we all the Most High King
Who is the Lord of our last doom,
That He should give us just one thing
That we may do His will.

3. I sing of a maiden

I sing of a maiden
That matchless is.
King of all Kings
Was her Son iwis1.

He came all so still,
Where His mother was
As dew in April
That falleth on the grass:

He came all so still,
To His mother's bower
As dew in April
That falleth on flower.

He came all so still,
Where His mother lay
As dew in April
That formeth on spray.

Mother and maiden
Was ne'er none but she:
Well may such a lady
God's mother be.

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1 iwis = certainly

4. My Leman is so true

 My Leman1 is so true
 Of love and full steadfast
 Yet seemeth ever new
 His love is on us cast.

 I would that all Him knew
 And loved Him firm and fast,
 They never would it rue
 But happy be at last.

 He lovingly abides
 Although I stay full long
 He will me never chide
 Although I choose the wrong.

 He says "Behold, my side
 And why on Rood I hung;"
 For my love leave thy pride
 And I thee underfong2.

 I'll dwell with Thee believe,
 Leman, under Thy tree.
 May no pain e'er me grieve
 Nor make me from Thee flee.

 I will in at Thy sleeve
 All in Thine heart to be;
 Mine heart shall burst and cleave
 Ere untrue Thou me see.

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1 leman = lover (Christ)
2 underfong = take back

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