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11I sow'd the seeds of love, I sowed the seeds of love,
22And I sow'd them in the spring; It will blossom all in the spring,
33I gather'd them up in the morning so soon, It will blossom in April,
44When small birds sweetly sing. in May, and in June,
55 When the small birds do sweetly sing.
66My garden was planted well
77With flowers ev'ry where, My gard'ner was standing by,
88But I had not the liberty to choose I asked him to choose for me,
99The flow'r that I lov'd so dear. He chose me the lily, the violet and pink,
1010 Each of them I refused all three.
1111The gard'ner standing by,
1212I asked him to choose for me; The lily I did not like,
1313He chose the Violet, the Lily, the Pink, Because it does fade so soon,
1414But these I refused all three. The violet and pink I did both overlook,
1515 And so now I must bide till June.
1616The Violet I did not like
1717Because it fades so soon; In June there's a rosy bud,
1818The Lily and Pink I did over think And it runs all over me,
1919And vow'd I would wait till June. Of times I've been kissed by those red rosy lips,
2020 Till I gained the green willow tree.
2121In June is a red, red Rose;
2222And that is the flow'r for me; The willow tree will twist,
2323I'll pluck it and think that no Lily nor Pink And the willow tree will twine,
2424Can match with the bud on that tree.And I wish that I was in that young man's arms,
25That has stolen this heart of mine.


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