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Available Poems in Peacock Pie: A Book of Rhymes - 1. Up and Down (by Walter De la Mare )


  • no. 1. The horseman  (Juliana Hall, Roger Smalley)
  • no. 2. Up and down  (James Brown)
  • no. 3. Mrs. Earth 
  • no. 4. Old Shellover  (Theodore Ward Chanler, Cecil Armstrong Gibbs)
  • no. 5. Alas, alack!  (Gary Bachlund, Bainbridge Crist, John Emeléus, Terence Greaves, R. G. H. Greene, Herbert Norman Howells)
  • no. 6. The bandog  (John Emeléus, Terence Greaves, Juliana Hall)
  • no. 7. Jim Jay  (Bainbridge Crist, Juliana Hall)
  • no. 8. The dunce  (Eileen Belchamber, Juliana Hall, Herbert Norman Howells)
  • no. 9. I can't abear  (Bainbridge Crist)
  • no. 10. Some one  (Samuel Hans Adler, Violet Balestreri Archer, Gary Bachlund, Maurice Besly, Bainbridge Crist, Herbert Norman Howells, Newton Swift, Randall Thompson)
  • no. 11. Chicken 
  • no. 12. Bread and cherries  (Ivor Gurney, James Hotchkiss Rogers)
  • no. 13. Hapless 
  • no. 14. The little bird  (Bainbridge Crist)
  • no. 15. Miss T.  (Gary Bachlund, Cecil Armstrong Gibbs, Herbert Norman Howells, Sergius Kagen)
  • no. 16. Cake and Sack  (Theodore Ward Chanler, Juliana Hall, Anthony Francis Dominic Milner, Freda Mary Swain, William Gillies Whittaker)
  • no. 17. The barber's  (Cecil Armstrong Gibbs)
  • no. 18. There was a ship of Rio  ([more than ten composers])
  • no. 19. Hide and seek  (Gary Bachlund, James Brown, John Emeléus, Cecil Armstrong Gibbs, Howard D. McKinney, Anthony Francis Dominic Milner, Edwin C. Rose)
  • no. 20. Tillie  (Theodore Ward Chanler, Michael John Hurd, Eric Leigh)
  • no. 21. The huntsmen  ([more than ten composers])
  • no. 22. Tired Tim  (Gary Bachlund, Eileen Belchamber, Bainbridge Crist, David Faulkner, Juliana Hall, Herbert Norman Howells)
  • no. 23. Mima  (John Emeléus, Howard D. McKinney)
  • no. 24. The cupboard  (Gary Bachlund, Victor Harris, Christian Victor Hely-Hutchinson, Eric Leigh, Howard D. McKinney, William Otto Miessner, Anthony Francis Dominic Milner, Douglas Stuart Moore, Dorothy Parke, May A. Strong)