Five Fairy Ballads

Song Cycle by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (1875 - 1912)

1. Sweet baby butterfly [sung text checked 1 time]

Sweet baby butterfly,
I love to see you flutter by
High o'er my head,
With soft white wings outspread.

I love to chase you round about,
Which is great fun, without a doubt,
   And I know you do not mind,
For I am just a Baby too,
And so you see 'twould never do
   For me to be unkind.

And shall I whisper this to you,
The laughing wind doth chase me too,
To make me run,
While flow'rs enjoy the fun.


Researcher for this text: Garrett Medlock [Guest Editor]

2. Alone with mother [sung text checked 1 time]

The time we like the best of all
Is when the shadows creepy crawl,
   One after another;
When the golden sun sinks down in the west,
And the tired birdie flies home to its nest,
   And we're left alone with mother.

Then the story fairies silently creep,
And over her big armchair they peep,
   One after the other;
And she tells us the wonderful things they say
Of fairy countries so far away,
   When we're left alone with mother.


Researcher for this text: Garrett Medlock [Guest Editor]

3. Big Lady Moon [sung text checked 1 time]

I can see you up on high, 
Big Lady Moon!
Sweetly shining in the sky, 
Big Lady Moon!
Is it 'cos you’re glad I'm here?
Like to feel that I am near?
That you shine so bright and clear?
Big Lady Moon, Big Lady Moon!

Hark! I hear my nursie calling,
Big Lady Moon!
For she says the dew is falling,
Big Lady Moon!
So you see I'll have to go,
I hope you won’t be lonely though,
'Cos I love you ever so,
Big Lady Moon, Big Lady Moon!


Researcher for this text: Mike Pearson

4. The Stars [sung text checked 1 time]

Wee brown baby, lookin' upwards
   At de wondrous Heav'n afar,
Sees de stars all shinin' brightly,
   Sort of wonders what dey are.
Says her mudder,
   "De departed in dat distant home above
Thro' dem holes are always peepin'
   At de folks on earth dey love."

Wee white baby, pointing upwards
   Tiny fingers to the sky,
Sees the stars and asks her mother,
   "Did Dod put dem dere and why?"
Says her mother,
   "Those, my darling, are the lights of heav'n above
Cheering onward weary pilgrims,
   And teaching them that God is Love."


Researcher for this text: Garrett Medlock [Guest Editor]

5. Fairy Roses [sung text checked 1 time]

Fairy Roses, in the noontide,
   When the sun shines warm an bright,
Nestling snugly close together,
   Shut your pretty eyes so tight,
For you must be tired of dancing,
   Dancing through the moonlight night.

Fairy Roses, while you're sleeping,
   All around the fairies creeping
Silent watch are ever keeping,
   Fairy Roses, while you're sleeping.

Fairy Roses, don't be frighten'd
   When you hear that murm'ring sigh;
'Tis the night wind that, dream-laden,
   Whispering, passes by,
Bringing dreams of fairyland
   From the bright blue sky.

Fairy Roses, now you're dreaming,
   Dreaming of lands far away,
Where, beside the sparkling waters,
   Happy children laugh and play;
Fairy Roses, go on dreaming,
   Dreaming through the golden day.


Researcher for this text: Garrett Medlock [Guest Editor]
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