Many Thanks to Our Generous Donors!

First, a shout-out to our diligent translators and other volunteers, whose valuable contributions of texts, translations, original research, and meticulous corrections have vastly enriched the collection. You are wonderful!

Second, we would like to thank the late Robert E. Crawford who, via his personal foundation, the REC Music Foundation, gave us free server space from 1996 to June, 2015.

Third, we would like to recognize our financial donors, whose donations have made it possible for the LiederNet Archive to flourish and continue to develop and expand. Monthly donations now cover the hosting fees for the webserver — to all our monthly donors, thank you!

And fourth, because we manage over 40,000 lines of code for this project, we use the project management tool Planio for keeping track of outstanding programming tasks and organizing our internal knowledge-base. We are grateful for their past support of our project.

Every donation is tremendously helpful and much appreciated; and we would like to extend a special thank you to those who have contributed the most over the last ten years, listed below. You have our deepest gratitude for your generosity.

Our Super Donors:

  • Romano Mineni
  • Miles Cohen
  • Petrucci Music Library (IMSLP)
  • Anonymous
  • Margaret Baker Genovesi
  • Chœur Verte Folium, Paris, France
  • Emily Romney
  • John G. Paton
  • Joseph Illick
  • Lisa Philpott
  • Stephen Ralls
  • Simon Yates
  • Thomas Hampson
  • Barrett Cobb and Harry Saltzman
  • Sarah Walker
  • Russell Miller
  • James C. Liu
  • Paul Sperry
  • Julie Kaufmann-Hansen
  • Miriam Charney
  • Peter Keil
  • John Gunnison Wiseman
  • A Pianist/Coach from Minneapolis

And, alphabetically, a special thanks to the rest of our top donors:

  • Anonymous [several]
  • Robert Avery
  • Anton Belov
  • Patricia Birch
  • Clay Bleckley
  • Anne Watson Born
  • John v Burke
  • Layla Claire
  • Will Crutchfield
  • Nicholas Deutsch
  • Nathan Doege
  • Ulrich Eisenlohr
  • Mary Elizabeth Enmann
  • Suzanne Epstein
  • Bruno Estrangin
  • Paulo Faustini
  • Henry Fogel
  • Margo Garrett
  • Jon Garrison
  • Alan Goldhammer
  • Patricia Green
  • Kenneth Gross
  • Stephen Hadley
  • Tad Hardin
  • Benton Hess
  • Daniel Johannsen
  • Gordon Kerry
  • Lauralyn S. Kolb
  • Hans Kuhn
  • David John Lang
  • Michael Lee
  • Bob Lockner and Floriana Bivona-Lockner
  • Erzo F. P. Luttmer
  • Elfrieda Langemann O'Neill
  • Christoph Prégardien
  • James Riopelle
  • Jenny and Dave Ross
  • Melanie Trumbull
  • Viktor Velthuijs
  • Wheelock Whitney
  • Catherine Wyn-Rogers
  • Ueno Yukio

Last updated: 2019-04-20.