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To obtain permission to reprint and distribute copyright-protected translations, please write to the following address and tell us the name(s) of the translator(s) whose work you wish to reproduce, and whether it is for commercial use (non-free-admission concert, CD booklet, etc.): 

When reprinting copyright-protected translations, you must include the copyright symbol © beside the name of the translator(s) and indicate the LiederNet Archive as the source, for example:

         Translation copyright © by Jane Doe,
        from the LiederNet Archive,

New material

To submit art song texts or your own translations, please write to:  

When submitting material, please provide as much information as possible, such as:
  • Source of text (music score, book, CD booklet, internet poetry site, concert program, etc.) - if a score or book, bibliographical information is appreciated
  • Setting instrumentation
  • Dates of composition and/or publication, for the setting and the text, if possible.
  • Textual changes that might have been made from the original text
  • Composer and Text Author information if missing from the website

Please do not submit copyright translations (from CD booklets or published books) unless you can furnish proof you have obtained permission for them to be reproduced on this site.

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For customer support, please write to: 

Other inquiries

To send a private message to Emily Ezust, the Founder of the Archive and owner of this website, please write to: