The Poet's Circuits

Song Cycle by Aloys Fleischmann (b. 1910)

Word count: 141

?. Caoine [sung text not yet checked]

Nor right, nor left, nor any road I see a comrade face, 
Nor word to lift the heart in me I hear in any place; 
They leave me, who pass by me, to my loneliness and care, 
Without a house to draw my step nor a fire that I might share! 

Ochone, before our people knew the scatt'ring of the dearth, 
Before they saw potatoes rot and melt black in the earth, 
I might have stood in Connacht, on the top of Cruchmaelinn, 
And all around me I would see the hundreds of my kin.


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Note: revised in 1960 (not shown)

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?. The crane [sung text not yet checked]

I know you, Crane
 [ ... ]


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