Love for Love

A play - incidental music by John Eccles (1668 - 1735)

Word count: 76

?. A nymph and a swain [sung text checked 1 time]

A nymph and a swain to Apollo once prayed,
The swain had been jilted, the nymph been betrayed:
Their intent was to try if his oracle knew
E'er a nymph that was chaste, or a swain that was true.

Apollo was mute, and had like t'have been [posed]1,
But sagely at length he this secret disclosed:
"He alone won't betray in whom none will confide:
And the nymph may be chaste that has never been tried."


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Confirmed with The Best Plays of the Old Dramatists. William Congreve., Unexpurgated Edition, London : Vizetelly & Co., 1888, page 245.

1 Eccles: "pos'd"

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