The Married Beau

A play - incidental music by John Eccles (1668 - 1735)

Word count: 119

?. The foolish maid [sung text checked 1 time]

O fye, what mean I, foolish maid,
In this remote and silent shade
To meet with you alone?
My heart does with the place combine,
And both are more your friends than mine.
Oh, oh, oh! I shall be undone.

A savage beast I would not fear,
Or should I meet with villains here
I to some cave would run
But such enchanting art you show,
I cannot strive, I cannot go.
Oh, oh, oh! I shall be undone.

Ah, give your sweet temptations o'er,
I'll touch those dang'rous lips no more.
What, must we yet fool on?
Ah, now I yield, ah, now I fall,
Ah now I have no breath at all,
And now I'm quite undone.


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