Four Lyrics

Song Cycle by Alicia Adélaïda Needham (1863 - 1945)

Word count: 100

?. Lorna Doone's song [sung text not yet checked]

Love, [an]1 if there be one, 
Come my love to be, 
My love is for the one 
Loving unto me.

Not for me the show, love, 
Of a gilded bliss; 
Only thou must know, love, 
What my value is.

If in all the earth, love, 
Thou hast none but me, 
This shall be my worth, love: 
To be cheap to thee.

But, if so thou ever 
Strivest to be free, 
'Twill be my endeavour 
To be dear to thee.

So shall I have plea, love, 
Is thy heart and breath 
Clinging still to thee, love, 
In the doom of death.


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