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11Rest sweet Nimphs let goulden sleepe,Rest, sweet nymphs, let golden sleep
22Charme your star brighter eies,Charm your star-brighter eyes,
33Whiles my Lute the watch doth keepWhile my lute her watch doth keep
44With pleasing simpathies,With pleasing sympathies.
55Lulla lullaby, Lulla lullaby, Lullaby, lullaby,
66Sleepe sweetly, sleepe sweetly, Sleep sweetly, sleep sweetly,
77let nothing affright ye,Let nothing affright ye,
88In calme contentments lie. In calm contentments lie.
1010Dreame faire virgins of delightThus, dear damsels, I do give
1111And blest Elizian groves:Good night, and so am gone;
1212Whiles the wandring shades of nightWith your hearts' desires long live,
1313Resemble your true loves:Still joy and never mourn.
1414Lulla lullaby, Lulla lullaby, Lullaby, lullaby,
1515Your kisses, your blisses Hath eas'd you and pleas'd you,
1616send them by your wishes,And sweet slumber seized you,
1717Although they be not nigh. And now to bed I hie.
19Thus deare damzelle I do give
20Good night and so am gone:
21With your hartes desires long live,
22Still joy, and never mone.
23Lulla lullaby, Lulla lullaby,
24Hath pleased you and easd you,
25& sweet slumber sezd you,
26And now to bed I hie.


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