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11On a day -- alack the day! --On a day, alack the day!
22Love, whose month is ever May,Love, whose month was ever May,
33Spied a blossom passing fairSpied a blossom passing fair
44Playing in the wanton air:Playing in the wanton air:
55Through the velvet leaves the wind,Through the velvet leaves the wind,
66All unseen, can passage find;All unseen, 'gan passage find;
77That the lover, sick to death,That the lover, sick to death,
88Wish himself the heaven's breath.Wish'd himself the heaven's breath.
99Air, quoth he, thy cheeks may blow;"Air", quoth he, "thy cheeks may blow;
1010Air, would I might triumph so!Air, would I might triumph so!
1111But, alack, my hand is swornBut, alas my hand hath sworn
1212Ne'er to pluck thee from thy thorn;Ne'er to pluck thee from thy thorn:
1313Vow, alack, for youth unmeet,Vow, alack, for youth unmeet;
1414Youth so apt to pluck a sweet!Youth so apt to pluck a sweet.
15Do not call it sin in me,
16That I am forsworn for thee;
1715Thou for whom Jove would swearThou for whom Jove would swear
1816Juno but an Ethiope were;Juno but an Ethiope were,
1917And deny himself for Jove,And deny himself for Jove,
2018Turning mortal for thy love.Turning mortal for thy love."
21This will I send, and something else more plain,
22That shall express my true love's fasting pain.
23O, would the king, Biron, and Longaville,
24Were lovers too! Ill, to example ill,
25Would from my forehead wipe a perjured note;
26For none offend where all alike do dote.


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