by Stephen Collins Foster (1826 - 1864)

I'll be a soldier
Language: English 
I'll be a soldier and march to the drum, 
And lie in my tent when the night shadows come; 
I'll be a soldier with knapsack and gun, 
And stand to my post 'till the din of battle's done. 

Farewell!  my own lov'd Jenny dear, 
Still will I dream of thee where ever I may stray; 
Farewell! before the coming year, 
I'll be a soldier far away. 

I'll be a soldier and join in the fray, 
With black shining belt and a jacket of grey; 
I'll face up the battle as bold as a hawk, 
As gay as a lark and as steady as I rock.

I'll be a soldier, “My country” ’s the cry, 
I'll fly to defend her and conquer or die; 
The land of my childhood my love and my tears, 
The land of my birth and my early sunny years. 

I'll be a soldier, and when we have won, 
I'll come back to thee with my knapsack and gun, 
I'll come with a true heart and kiss off each tear, 
And linger beside thee forever Jenny dear.


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