by Stephen Collins Foster (1826 - 1864)

Dolly Day
Language: English 
I've told you 'bout de banjo, 
De fiddle and de bow, 
Likewise about de cottonfield, 
De shubble and de hoe; 
I've sung about de bulgine 
Dat blew de folks away, 
And now I'll sing a little song 
About my Dolly Day. 

Oh!  Dolly Day looks so gay, 
I run all round and round, 
To hear her fairy footsteps play, 
As she comes oer de ground. 

I like to see de clover 
Dat grows about de lane, 
I like to see de 'bacco plant, 
I like de sugar cane; 
But on de old plantation 
Der's nothing half so gay, 
Der's nothing dat I love so much 
As my sweet Dolly Day. 

When de work is over 
I make de banjo play, 
And while I strike de dulcem notes, 
I think of Dolly Day. 
Her form is like a spy 
De lily of de vale 
Her voice is far de sweetest sound 
Dat floats upon de gale 

Massa give me money 
To buy a peck of corn 
I'se guine to marry Dolly Day 
And build myself a barn; 
Dem when I'm old and feeble, 
And when my head is grey, 
Ill trabble down de hill of life 
Along wid Dolly Day.


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