Scots Sang
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Sweet Annie fra the Sea Beach came, 
Where Jockey speel'd the Vessel's side:
Ah! wha can keep her Heart at hame,
When Jockey's toss'd aboon the Tide!
Far aff till distant Realms he gangs,
But ise be true, as He ha' bin, 
And when ilk Lass araund him thrangs
He'll think on Annie's faithfu' Teen.
	 Far off . . .

Our weelthy Laird I met yestreen, 
With Gowd in Hand he tempted me;
He prais'd my Brow, and rowan Een,
And made a Brag of what he'd gie.
What tho' my Jockey's far away, 
Blaw'd up and dawn the awesome Main --
Ise keep my Heart anither Day;
Syne Jockey may return again.
	 What tho' my Jockey's . . .

Nae mair, fause Jamy, sing nae mair,
And fairly cast your Pipe away --
Thy Jockey wad be trubled sair,
To see his Freen his Loo' betray. 
Yer Sangs, and a' yer Verse is vain, 
While Jockey's Notes do faithfu' flow --
To Him my Heart sal true remain,
lse keep it for my constant Jo.
	 Yer Songs . . .

Blaw saft, ye Gales, raund Jockey's Head,
And gar the Waves be cawm and still, 
His hameward Sails with Breezes speed,
And dinna a' my Pleasures spill. 
Tho full o'erlang will be his Stay, 
Yet then he'll braw in Siller shine --
Ise keep my Heart anither Day;
Syne Jockey will again be mine.
	 Tho' full o'erlang . . .

Selection from Greene's glossary of "Scottish dialect" words used: Speel'd = Climb'd ; Aboon = above ; ilk = each ; Teen = sorrow ; Gowd = Gold ; Rowan Een = Rolling Eyes ; Loo = Love ; Jo = Sweetheart, Love ;Gar = make ; Syne = Then ; Siller = Silver


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