Six Songs from "The Glens of Antrim"

Song Cycle by Charles Villiers Stanford, Sir (1852 - 1924)

Word count: 1159

1. Denny's Daughter [sung text checked 1 time]

Denny's daughter stood a minute in the field I be to pass,
All as quiet as her shadow lyin' by her on the grass;
In her hand a switch o' hazel from the nut tree's crooked root,
Well I mind the crown o' clover crumpled under one bare foot.
	For the look of her,
	The look of her,
	Comes back on me today,
	Wi' the eyes of her,
	The eyes of her
	That took me on the way.

Though I seen poor Denny's daughter white an' stiff upon her bed,
Yet I be to think there's sunlight fallin' somewhere on her head;
She'll be singin' Ave Mary where the flowers never wilt,
She, the girl my own hands covered wi' the narrow daisy-quilt.
	For the love of her,
	The love of her
	That would not be my wife;
	An' the loss of her,
	The loss of her
	Has left me lone for life.


Researcher for this text: Ted Perry

2. The Sailor Man [sung text checked 1 time]

Sure a terrible time I was out o' the way,
	Over the sea, over the sea,
Till I come back to Ireland one sunny day,
	Betther for me, betther for me.
The first time me foot got the feel o' the ground
	I was strollin' along in an Irish city,
That hasn't its aquil the world around
	For the air that is sweet an' the girls that are pretty.

Light on their feet now they pass'd me an' sped,
	Give ye me word, give ye me word,
Every girl wid a turn o' the head
	Just like a bird, just like a bird;
An' the lashes so thick round their beautiful eyes
	Shinin' to tell you it's fair time o' day wid them,
Back in my heart wid a kind o' surprise
	I think how the Irish girls has the way wid them!

Och man alive! But it's little ye know
	That never was there, never was there.
Look where ye like for them, long may ye go -
	What do I care? What do I care?
Plenty as blackberries where will ye find
	Rare pretty girls not by two nor by three o' them?
Only just there where they grow, d'ye mind
	Still like the blackberries, more than ye see o' them.

Long, long away an' no matther how far,
	'Tis the girls that I miss, the girls that I miss:
Women are round ye wherever ye are
	Not worth a kiss, not worth a kiss.
Over in Ireland many's the one -
	Well do I know, that has nothin' to say wid them -
Sweeter than anythin' undher the sun.
	Och, 'tis the Irish girls has the way wid them!


Researcher for this text: Ted Perry

3. Lookin' Back [sung text checked 1 time]

Wather's o' Moyle an' the white gulls flyin',
Since I was near ye what have I seen?
Deep great seas, an' a sthrong wind sighin'
Night an' day where the waves are green.
Struth na Moile the wind goes sighin'
Over a waste o' wathers green.

Slemish an' Trostan, dark wi' heather,
High are the Rockies, airy-blue;
Sure ye have snows in the winter weather,
Here they're lyin' the long year through.
Snows are fair in the summer weather,
Och, an' the shadows between are blue!

Lone Glen Dun an' the wild glen flow'rs,
Little ye know if the prairie is sweet.
Roses for miles, an' redder than ours
Spring here undher the horses' feet,
Ay, an' the black-eyed gold sunflowers -
Not as the glen flow'rs small an' sweet.

Wathers o' Moyle, I hear ye callin'
Clearer for half o' the world between,
Antrim hills an' the wet rain fallin'
Whiles ye are nearer than snow-tops keen:
Dreams o' the night an' a night wind callin' -
What is the half o' the world between?


Researcher for this text: Ted Perry

4. At Sea [sung text checked 1 time]

'Tis the long blue Head o' Garron
	From the sea,
Och, we're sailin' past the Garron
	On the sea.
Now Glen Ariff lies behind,
Where the waters fall an' wind
By the willows o' Glen Ariff to the sea.

Ould Luirgedan rises green
	By the sea,
Ay, he stands between the Glens
	An' the sea.
Now we're past the darklin' caves,
Where the breakin' summer waves
Wander in wi' their trouble from the sea.

But Cushendun lies nearer
	To the sea,
An' thon's a shore is dearer
	Still to me,
For the land that I am leavin'
Sure the heart I have is grievin',
But the ship has set her sails for the sea.

Och, what's this is deeper
	Than the sea?
An' what's this is stronger
	Nor the sea?
When the call is "all or none",
An' the answer "all for one"
Then we be to sail away across the sea.


Researcher for this text: Ted Perry

5. I mind the day [sung text checked 1 time]

I'd mind the day I'd wish I was a saygull flyin' far,
	For then I'd fly an' find you in the West;
An I'd wish I was a little rose as sweet as roses are,
	For then you'd maybe wear it on your breast,
	You'd maybe take an' wear it on your breast.

I'd wish I could be livin' near, to love you day an' night,
	To let no throuble touch you or annoy;
I'd wish I could be dyin' here to rise a spirit light,
	If Them above 'ud let me bring you joy,
	If Them above 'ud let me win you joy.

An' now I wish no wishes, nor ever fall a tear,
	Nor take a thought beyont the way I'm led:
I mind the day that's over-by, an' bless the day that's here,
	There be to come a day when we'll be dead,
	A longer, lighter day when we'll be dead.


Researcher for this text: Ted Perry

6. The Boy from Ballytearim [sung text checked 1 time]

He was born in Ballytearim where there's little work to do,
An' the longer he was livin' there the poorer still he grew;
Says he till all belongin' him, "Now happy may ye be!
But I'm off to find me fortune," sure he says, says he.

"All the gold in Ballytearim is what's stickin' to the whin;
All the crows in Ballytearim has a way o' gettin' thin."
So the people did be praisin' him the year he wint away -
"Troth, I'll hould ye can do it," sure they says, says they.

Och, the boy 'ud still be thinkin' long, an' he across the foam,
An' the two ould hearts be thinkin' long that waited for him home:
But a girl that sat her lone an' whiles, her head upon her knee,
Would be sighin' low for sorra, not a word says she.

He won home to Ballytearim, an' the two were livin' yet,
When he heard where she was lyin' now the eyes of him were wet;
"Faith, here's me two fists full o' gold, an' little good to me
When I'll never meet an' kiss her", sure he says, says he.

Then the boy from Ballytearim set his face another road,
An' whatever luck has followed him was never rightly knowed:
But still it's truth I'm tellin' ye - or may I never sin! -
All the gold in Ballytearim is what's stickin' to the whin.


Researcher for this text: Ted Perry