Three Baby Songs

Song Cycle by Rutland Boughton (1878 - 1960)

Word count: 277

?. Baby-Bird [sung text not yet checked]

Baby-bird, baby-bird,
Ne'er a song on earth
May be heard, may be heard,
Rich as yours in mirth.

All your flickering fingers,
All your twinkling toes,
Play like light that lingers
Till the clear song close.

Baby-bird, baby-bird,
Your grave majestic eyes
Like a bird's warbled words
Speak, and sorrow dies.

Sorrow dies for love's sake,
Love grows one with mirth,
Even for one white dove's sake,
Born a babe on earth.

Baby-bird, baby-bird,
Chirping loud and long,
Other birds hush their words,
Hearkening toward your song.

Sweet as spring though it ring,
Full of love's own lures,
Weak and wrong sounds their song,
Singing after yours.

Baby-bird, baby-bird,
The happy heart that hears
Seems to win back within
Heaven, and cast out fears.

Earth and sun seem as one
Sweet light and one sweet word
Known of none here but one,
Known of one sweet bird.


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?. A cycle of roundels [sung text not yet checked]

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?. In a garden [sung text not yet checked]

Baby, see the flowers!
 -- Baby sees
Fairer things than these,
Fairer though they be than dreams of ours.

Baby, hear the birds!
 -- Baby knows
Better songs than those,
Sweeter though they [sound]1 than sweetest words.

Baby, see the moon!
 -- Baby's eyes
Laugh to [watch]2 it rise,
Answering light with love and night with noon.

[Baby, hear the sea!]3
 -- Baby's face
Takes a graver grace,
Touched with wonder what the sound may be.

Baby, see the star!
 -- Baby's hand
Opens, warm and bland,
Calm in claim of all things fair that are.

Baby, hear the bells!
 -- Baby's head
Bows, as ripe for bed,
Now the flowers curl round and close their cells.

Baby, flower of light,
Sleep, and see
Brighter dreams than we,
Till good day shall smile away good night.


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First published in English Illustrated Magazine, December 1886
1 Lang: "be"
2 Lang: "see"
3 omitted by Lang.

Researcher for this text: Emily Ezust [Administrator]