Three short songs

Song Cycle by Francis George Scott (1880 - 1958)

Word count: 252

1. All night under the moon [sung text not yet checked]

All night under the moon
Plovers are flying
Over the dreaming meadows of silvery light,
Over the meadows of June
Calling and crying,
Wandering voices of love in the hush of the night.

All night under the moon
Love, though we are lying
Quietly under the thatch, in the dreaming light
Over the meadows of June
Together we are flying,
Wandering voices of love in the hush of the night.


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2. Tremulous grey of dusk [sung text not yet checked]


Tremulous grey of dusk, 
Deepening into the blue, 
It is the path that leads 
Ever to you. 

Child of the dusk, your eyes 

euietly light my way, 
uiet as evening stars, 
Quiet and grey. 

All the magic of dusk, 
Tremulous, grey and blue, 
Gathers into my heart, 
Quiet for you. 


Child, I thought that we two by some grey sea 
Went walking very quietly, hand in hand, 
By a grey sea along a silent strand, 
And you had turned your eyes away from me 
To where grey clouds, uplifted mightily, 
Made on the far horizon a silver land, 
And I would not recall your eyes to me, 
Because I knew from your shy clasping hand 
How joy within your heart, a wanderer long, 
Outwearied now had come, a nesting bird, 
And folded there his wings, too glad for song ; 
And so I knew at last that you had heard 
Through the long miles of grey sea-folding mist, 
Soft as the breast of some glad nesting dove, 
Fiom grey lips grown articulate, twilight-kissed, 
All the secret of my unuttered love. 


Also titled "The grey dusk" in some publications.

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