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11Ye Hielands and ye Lowlands,Ye Highlands, and ye Lowlands,
22O where hae ye been? Oh where have you been?
33Thay hae slain the Earl o' Moray,They have slain the Earl of Murray,
44And laid him on the green. And they layd him on the green.
66He was a braw gallant“Now wae be to thee, Huntly!
77And he rade at the ring; And wherefore did you sae?
88And the bonnie Earl o' MorayI bade you bring him wi’ you,
99He might have been a king. But forbade you him to slay.
1111O lang will his LadyHe was a braw gallant,
1212Look frae the Castle Doune, And he rid at the ring;
1313Ere she see the Earl o' MorayAnd the bonny Earl of Murray,
1414Come soundin' thru' the toon . . . Oh he might have been a king!
1616O wae tae ye, Huntley,He was a braw gallant,
1717And wherefore did ye sae? And he play’d at the ba’;
1818I bade ye bring him wi' youAnd the bonny Earl of Murray
1919And forbade ye him to slay. Was the flower amang them a.
2121He was a braw gallantHe was a braw gallant,
2222And he played at the glove; And he playd at the glove;
2323And the bonnie Earl o' MorayAnd the bonny Earl of Murray,
2424He was the Queen's love. Oh he was the Queens love!
26Oh lang will his lady
27 Look o’er the Castle Down,
28E’er she see the Earl of Murray
29 Come sounding thro the town!


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