by Gertrude Stein (1874 - 1946)

Language: English 
Cousin to Clare washing 
In the win -
all the band beagles which have cousin
lime sign
and arrange a weeding match to presume a certain point
to exstate a certain pass
lint to exstate a lean sap prime lo and shut,
shut is life.
Bait, bait, tore, tore her clothes,
toward it,
toward a bit, to ward a sit,
sit down in, 
in vacant surely lots,
a single, mingle,
bait and wet,
wet a single establishment
that has a lily lily grow.
Come to the pen 
come in the stem,
come in the grass grown water.
Lily wet lily wet while.
This is so pink so pink in stammer,
a long bean which shows bows
is collected by a single curly shady, shady get,
get set wet bet.
It is a snuff 
a snuff to be told and have can wither,
can is it and sleep sleeps knot,
it is a lily scarf the pink and blue yellow,
not blue not odour sun,
nobles are bleeding two seats on end.
Why is grief.
Grief is strange black.
Sugar is melting,
We will not swim.
Please be please be get,
please get wet,
wet naturally, naturally in weather.
Could it be fire more firier.
Could it be so in ate struck.
Could it be gold up,
gold up stringing in it
while while which is hanging,
hanging in dingling,
dingling in pinning,
not so.
Not so dots large dressed dots,
big sizes, less laced,
less laced diamonds,
diamonds white,
diamonds bright,
diamonds in the in the light,
diamonds light diamonds door
diamonds hanging to be four,
two four, all before,
this bean, lessly, all most,
a best willow, vest, 
a green guest, guest,
go, go, go, go go go,
go, Go go.
Not guessed.
Go go.
Toasted susie is my ice-cream.


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