Translation by Edwin Arnold (1832 - 1904)

Oh, glory of full‑mooned fairness! and...
Language: English  after the Persian (Farsi) 
Oh, glory of full-mooned fairness! and lustre of lighted grace!
Beauty sleeps deep in thy dimple, and, hid in thy chin-pit, Grace.

Then only my heart shall know quiet, bright brows! and tresses in riot!
Then -- Well-Belov'd! -- when its longing win forth to the peace of thy place.

My soul, risen up to my lip, stands eager to see thee, and go;
Backward and forward it flitteth; it fluttereth toward thee, and fro.

What is thy pleasure? ah, say! ... "Hafiz! hard is the way;
Keep thy skirt from the dust! many have finished in woe."

Yet would my heavy heart hear what th' Heart-subduer intends;
Oh, by my soul I swear -- I swear by your souls, sweet friends!

No help's in this watching of ours! Buy, quick as ye may, red wine;
Buy from the happy drunkards for whom sleep maketh amends.

In the comfort of wine's warm slumber the swoon-bound spirit may wake,
Some dew from a secret lip, some light from an eye-beam take;

Lips! eyes! with a breeze from the Blest, let come rich scent of her breast,
I shall breathe 't, and be glad, as the dust is glad for the rose's sake.

Ho ye that do quaff the bowls at banquet of Jam! drink on!
With empty cups to your full cups we pledge; we will fill them anon!

To those who to God are dear -- to Yazd, wind! these words bear!
May the heads of the loveless be balls for their horse-bats, every one!

From the place of Propinquity far, we languish; but Love hath his wings;
The slaves of your Lord we are, singing praise to the King of all Kings.

Sultan of Kings! High Star! send down love-rays from far,
And I Heaven's threshold will kiss, as the earth-edge the zenith en-rings.

               . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

    Hafiz utters his prayer;
    Listen, and Amin say!
    "Give him his daily bread
    From the sugar-sweet lips alway!" 

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