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Nebo nad gorodom

Language: Russian (Русский) after the French (Français)

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  • by Anonymous / Unidentified Author

Based on
  • a text in French (Français) by Paul Verlaine (1844 - 1896), no title, appears in Romances sans paroles, in Ariettes oubliées, no. 3, Sens, Typographie de Maurice L'Hermite, first published 1874 ENG ENG ENG ENG ENG GER GER GER GER GER GER GER GER
      • This text was set to music by the following composer(s): Victor-Sylvain Absalon, Robert Alger, Georges Anglebel, Max Arham, Charly Bailly, Karl Baraquin, Richard Barthélemy, Georges Beaucaire, Louis Beaumont, Armand Bernaert, Michel Bernard, Hubert Bertrand, Marcel Boite, Raymond Bonheur, Henri Bordes d'Anzy, Serge Bortkiewicz, Marie-Rose Bresson, Marguerite Canal, Victor-Charles Candillier, John Alden Carpenter, René Chavée, André-Pierre Codou, Suzanne Coquelin, Lucien Darras, Claude Achille Debussy, Valéry Delfolie, Frederick Delius, Édouard Desmangles, Édouard-Léon-Stéphen Detraux, Patrice Devanchy, as Louis Charles, Madeleine Dubois, Gabriel Dupont, Jean Dussault, Sixten Eckerberg, Gabriel Fauré, Paul Fiévet, Édouard-Ernest Fillacier, Rodolphe de Foras, Léon Frings, Eduardo García Mansilla, Joseph-Pierre Gauthier, dit Claude Gauthier, Marcel Gaveau, A. Getty, Robert Giraud, Gabriel Grovlez, Hugo Herrmann, Joseph Hetsch, Jules-Ernest Hubert, Fernand-Raphaël Israël, T. Jousselin, Charles Koechlin, Josef Koffler, Alfred André Simon Kullmann, Eugène-Émile Lacroix, Anatole Lancel, N. Lavenant, Christian Legros, Madeleine Lemariey, René Lenormand, Franck-Robert Lhomme, Henri-Marie Lincé, dit Hella, Dinu Lipatti, Henri Lluis, Henri-Édouard-Joseph Logé, Marcel Louvat, Arturo Luzzatti, Leevi Antti Madetoja, Charles Mancel, dit Charles Netley, Suzanne-Marie Marinier, Lucien Mawet, Paul de Meleingreau, Jacques Mendel, Maria Mérina, Lydie Michaïloff, Joseph Michel, Klaus Miehling, Émile Nérini, M. de Nevers, Frits Noske, Lucy Hamilton Paine, Héctor Panizza, Émile Poirson, Charles Quef, Hendrik de Regt, Pierre-Jacob Robert-Cantabre, Alexis Rostand, Daniel Ruyneman, Henry Sarly, Florent Schmitt, Leone Sinigaglia, Carl Smulders, Nikolay Aleksandrovich Sokolov, Aimée Strohl, dit Rita Strohl, Jósef-Zygmunt Szulc, Alexandre Tariot, Théodore Terestchenko, Édouard Van Cleef, Alice Voisin, Léon Wauters, Sylvia Wisner, Lucien Wurmser, Riccardo Zandonai, Werther Zanolli, Jacques-Michel Zoubaloff. Go to the text.

Musical settings (art songs, Lieder, mélodies, (etc.), choral pieces, and other vocal works set to this text), listed by composer (not necessarily exhaustive)

  • by Aleksandr Alekseyevich Olenin (1865 - 1944), "Небо над городом", op. 24 (Пять песен для голоса с фортепиано (Pjat' pesen dlja golosa s fortepiano)) no. 1, published 1924 [voice and piano], Moscow, Gos. Izdatelstvo Muz. Sektor

Settings in other languages:

  • Also set in French (Français), original text by Paul Verlaine (1844 - 1896) , no title, from Romances sans paroles, in Ariettes oubliées, no. 3, Sens, Typographie de Maurice L'Hermite, published 1874 RUS ENG ITA GER RUS GER by Gabriel Dupont, John Alden Carpenter, Claude Achille Debussy, Frederick Delius, Gabriel Fauré, Charles Koechlin, Dinu Lipatti, Florent Schmitt, Nikolay Aleksandrovich Sokolov, Jósef-Zygmunt Szulc, Karl Baraquin, Leevi Antti Madetoja, Hendrik de Regt, Valéry Delfolie, Paul Fiévet, Marcel Gaveau, Suzanne-Marie Marinier, Leone Sinigaglia, Édouard Desmangles, Frits Noske, René Lenormand, Henri-Édouard-Joseph Logé, Anatole Lancel, Carl Smulders, Aimée Strohl, dit Rita Strohl, M. de Nevers, Héctor Panizza, A. Getty, Alexandre Tariot, Charles Quef, Rodolphe de Foras, Jules-Ernest Hubert, T. Jousselin, Lucien Wurmser, Gabriel Grovlez, Maria Mérina, Richard Barthélemy, Fernand-Raphaël Israël, Édouard-Léon-Stéphen Detraux, Émile Poirson, Georges Beaucaire, N. Lavenant, Lydie Michaïloff, Émile Nérini, Henry Sarly, Lucy Hamilton-Paine, Georges Anglebel, Patrice Devanchy, Suzanne Coquelin, Alfred Kullmann, M. Louvat, Théodore Terestchenko, Madeleine Lemariey, Max Arham, Riccardo Zandonai, Marie-Rose Bresson, Arturo Luzzatti, Daniel Ruyneman, Alexis Rostand, Édouard-Ernest Fillacier, Armand Bernaert, Henri Lluis, Édouard Van Cleef, Madeleine Dubois, P.-J. Robert-Cantabre, Lucien Mawet, Paul de Meleingreau, Victor-Sylvain Absalon, Alice Voisin, Charles Mancel, dit Charles Netley, Robert Alger, Jacques-Michel Zoubaloff, Franck-Robert Lhomme, Werther Zanolli, Léon Wauters, Josef Koffler, Jean Dussault, Marguerite Canal, Sixten Eckerberg, Victor-Charles Candillier, Lucien Darras, Charly Bailly, Henri-Marie Lincé, dit Hella, Hugo Herrmann, Sylvia Wisner, Marcel Boite, René Chavée, Robert Giraud, Jacques Mendel, Joseph-Pierre Gauthier, dit Claude Gauthier, Joseph Hetsch, Christian Legros, Joseph Hetsch, Christian Legros, Hubert Bertrand, Louis Beaumont, Michel Bernard, Raymond Bonheur, Henri Bordes d'Anzy, Eduardo García Mansilla, André-Pierre Codou, Léon Frings, Eugène-Émile Lacroix, Joseph Michel, Klaus Miehling, Serge Bortkiewicz.
  • Also set in German (Deutsch), a translation by Serge Bortkiewicz (1877 - 1952) , title 1: "Es weinet mein Herz" RUS ENG ITA RUS by Serge Bortkiewicz.
  • Also set in German (Deutsch), a translation by Richard von Schaukal (1874 - 1942) , title 1: "Regen", from Nachdichtungen: Verlaine-Heredia, in Romances sans Paroles, Berlin: Oesterheld & Co., page 41, published 1906 RUS ENG ITA RUS by Joseph Marx.
  • Also set in English, a translation by Daron Aric Hagen (b. 1961) , title unknown, copyright © RUS ITA GER RUS GER by Daron Aric Hagen.
  • Also set in English, a translation by Ernest Dowson (1867 - 1900) , no title, from Decorations, in After Paul Verlaine, no. 1, published 1899 RUS ITA GER RUS GER by Richard Hageman.
  • Also set in German (Deutsch), a translation by Stefan Zweig (1881 - 1942) , title 1: "Regen" RUS ENG ITA RUS by Richard Trunk, Rudolf Mengelberg.
  • Also set in Russian (Русский), a translation by Fyodor L'vovich Sollogub, Graf (1848 - 1890) , title unknown ENG ITA GER GER by Ivan Ivanovich Kryzhanovsky.
  • Also set in German (Deutsch), a translation by Michel Dimitri Calvocoressi (1877 - 1944) , title unknown RUS ENG ITA RUS by Victor Vreuls.
  • Also set in German (Deutsch), a translation by Otto Erich Schilling (1910 - 1967) , title unknown, copyright © RUS ENG ITA RUS by Otto Erich Schilling.

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