Totalität -- Kläffer

Set by Justus Hermann Wetzel (1879 - 1973), "Totalität -- Kläffer" [ voice and piano ]  [sung text checked 1 time]

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A well-bred gentleman in head and heart
Is welcomed everywhere;
He has, with his gentleman's wit so smart,
Caught women in his snare:
When fist and strength depart, alas,
Who then shall sure defend him?
When bent with age and thin of ass,
How sits that noble, who once was trim?


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Wir reiten in die Kreuz und Quer'
Nach Freuden und Geschäften;
Doch immer kläfft es hinterher
Und billt [aus]1 allen Kräften.
So will der Spitz aus unserm Stall
Uns immerfort begleiten,
Und seines Bellens lauter Schall
Beweis't nur, daß wir reiten.


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1 Wetzel: "nach"

Researcher for this text: Emily Ezust [Administrator]