Translation by Ivan Ivanovich Kozlov (1779 - 1840)

Language: Russian (Русский)  after the French (Français) 
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Based on:

Musical settings (art songs, Lieder, mélodies, (etc.), choral pieces, and other vocal works set to this text), listed by composer (not necessarily exhaustive):

  • by Nikolay Aleksandrovich Sokolov (1859 - 1922), "Надежда", op. 2 (3 Romanzen für 1 Singstimme mit Pianofortebleitung = 3 романса на слова Козлова (из Альфреда де Мюссе) = 3 Romances pour Chant et Piano) no. 2, published 1887 [voice and piano], Leipzig, Belaieff, also set in French (Français)

Settings in other languages, adaptations, or excerpts:

  • Also set in French (Français), a translation by Jules Ruelle (1834 - 1892) ; composed by Nikolay Aleksandrovich Sokolov.

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