by Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792 - 1822)
Translation by G. Grinevich (1900 - ?)

Language: Ukrainian (Українська)  after the English 
Я стрів мандрівника
 . . . . . . . . . .

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Musical settings (art songs, Lieder, mélodies, (etc.), choral pieces, and other vocal works set to this text), listed by composer (not necessarily exhaustive):

Settings in other languages, adaptations, or excerpts:

  • Also set in German (Deutsch), a translation by E. von Griesbach , "Ozymandias" ; composed by Max Wiedmann.
  • Also set in Russian (Русский), a translation by Konstantin Dmitrevich Bal'mont (1867 - 1942) , "Озимандия", first published 1896 ; composed by Fyodor Stepanovich Akimenko, Vladimir Evgenevich Byutsov, Leonid Leonidovich Lisovsky, Borys Mykolayovych Lyatoshynsky, Aleksandr Afanasievich Spendiarov.

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