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Ecclesie militantis
Language: Latin 
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 Ecclesie militantis,
 Roma, sedes triumphantis
 Patri sursum sidera
 Tamen cleri resonantis
 Laudem pontifici dantis
 Promat voce libera!

 Gabrielem quem vocavit,
 Dum paternum crimen lavit,
 Baptismatis sumptio,
 Eugenium revocavit
 "Bonum genus" quod notavit
 Pontificis lectio.

 Quod consulta contio,
 Qua nam sancta ratio
 Sic deliberavit,
 Ut sola devotio
 Regnet in palatio
 Quod Deus beavit.
 Certe Deus voluit
 Et in hoc complacuit
 Venetorum proli;
 Sed daemon indoluit,
 Quod peccatum defuit
 Tantae rerum moli.
 Dulcis pater populi,
 Qui dulcorem poculi,
 Crapulam perhorres,
 Pone Lento consuli
 Rem gregis pauperculi,
 Ne nescius erres!
 Pater haerens filio
 Spiritus confinio
 Det prece solemni
 Gaudium Eugenio,
 Perfecto dominio,
 In vita perenni!
 Sanctorium arbitrio
 Clericorum proprio
 Cordo meditanti,
 Nequam genus atrio
 Recedat ludibrio
 Umbrae petulanti,
 Nam torpens inertia
 Longa quaerens otia
 Nescivit Eugenium;
 Sed juris peritia
 Cum tota justitia
 Sunt ejus ingenium.
 Hinc est testimonium:
 Pacem quaerit omnium
 Exosus piaculi;
 Et trinum daemonium
 Daemonis et carinum
 Pompam vincit saeculi.
 Quem color ipsi Poli
 Dic scutum, quod attuli
 Tibi, pater optime,
 Sacrum det, quod oculi
 Tui instar speculi
 Cernant nitidissime!
 Eja te, pulcherrime,
 Querimus, tenerrime,
 Moram longi temporis
 Ducimur asperrime,
 Nescio quo, ferrime
 Ad fulmentum corporis.
 Una tibi trinitas
 Vera Deus unitas
 Det coeli fulgorem,
 Quem linea bonitas,
 Argentea castitas
 Sectavit in morem. Amen.
 Bella canunt gentes, querimur,
 Pater optime, tempus:
 Expediet multos, si cupis, una dies.
 Nummus et hora fluunt magnumque iter
 Orbis agendum
 Nec suus in toto noscitur orbe Deus.


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The church militant
Language: English  after the Latin 
 Rome, seat of the church militant
 And triumphant
 For the Father up to the stars;
 Rome, seat too of the clergy calling out 
 And giving praise to the Pope;
 Let Rome call out with freed voice!

 The one whom she [Rome] called Gabriele1
 When she washed him of inherited sin
 By the receiving of baptism,
 She has re-named Eugenius
 Which means 'of noble family'
 By his election as Pope.

 The council which considered this,
 In which holy reason
 Thus led deliberation,
 So that piety alone
 Should reign in the palace
 Which God has blessed.

 Certainly God wished this
 And in this way satisfied
 The scion of the Venetians;
 But the Devil was saddened
 Because there was no sin
 In all this great heap of activity.

 Sweet father of the people,
 Who abhors the sweetness of wine
 And drunkenness,
 Grant to Lentus as your official
 The care of the poor flock
 Lest you should err unwittingly!

 May the Father, one with the Son
 And with the Spirit,
 Give by our solemn prayer
 Joy to Eugenius,
 Who has perfected his mastery,
 In life eternal.

 By the judgement of the saints,
 By the upright hearts
 Of clerics, meditating,
 Let no people withdraw
 From his door to the mocking
 Impudence of the shadows,
 For idle sloth
 Seeking long repose
 Eugenius has never known;
 Experience of the law
 With complete justice
 Are his abilities.
 This is the proof:
 He seeks peace for everyone
 Hating sin;
 And conquers the three-fold devilry
 Of the Devil and his troops,
 And the pomp of this world.

 [You whom the people honour2]
 Say that the shield which I brought
 To you, holy father,
 May give holiness, which your 
 Eyes may discern very brightly
 As an image in a mirror.

 Ah, we ask you, most handsome,
 Most tender,
 For a long period of waiting;
 We are led most harshly 
 We know not where, terribly
 To the destruction of the body.

 May the one Trinity,
 God, the true unity,
 Give you the radiance of heaven,
 Which his pure goodness,
 His silvery chastity,
 Have tailored to your way of life. Amen

 The peoples sing of wars, and we bewail
 The times, o holy father:
 One day will set many men free, if you wish it.
 Money and time flow away, and the great journey
 Of the globe must be completed,
 Yet all the world does not know its own God.

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For the coronation of Pope Eugenius IV (1431)

1 Pope Eugenius was Gabriele Condulmieri before assuming his papal name
2 This verse and the next appear corrupt; the first line has no meaning, the remainder can more or less be construed grammatically but does not make much sense!


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