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Translation by H. D. Banning

Butterflies ‑‑ Les papillons
Language: English  after the French (Français) 
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Based on:

Musical settings (art songs, Lieder, mélodies, (etc.), choral pieces, and other vocal works set to this text), listed by composer (not necessarily exhaustive):

  • by Arturo Luzzatti (1875 - 1959), "Butterflies -- Les papillons", published 1911 [high voice and piano], from Two Songs, no. 2, London, Chappell & Co.

Also set in French (Français), original text by Pierre-Jules-Théophile Gautier (1811 - 1872) , title 1: "Les papillons", 1837, from La Comédie de la Mort, published 1838 ENG GER ENG ITA by Ernest Amédée Chausson, Benjamin Louis Paul Godard, Émile Paladilhe, Claude Achille Debussy, Cécile Chaminade, Francesco Paolo Tosti, Antony Choudens, Mathilde, Baroness Willy de Rothschild, Felipe Pedrell, Eugène Ébaudy de Fresne, Anna Naze, Edmond Berger, Léon Jouret, Jean-Théodore Radoux, Louis Graziani, Comte, Jules Regnaud, Arthur de Sinéty, Comte, Zacharie Astruc, Émile Pessard, Louis-Albert Bourgault-Ducoudray, Jacques Bouhy, Jules Philipot, Guy de Kervéguen, Vicomte, Édouard Pascal, Charles Gallois, Victor Dolmetsch, Henri Kowalski, Henry Hugo Pierson, Mario Foscarina, Albert Renaud, Émile Jaques-Dalcroze, Arthur Goring Thomas, Théodore Lack, Joseph Depret, Jacques Marsyas, Émile Bourgeois, Achille Fould, Baron, Alban Dorcy, Fernand de la Tombelle, Theophile-Jules-Henri Marzials, Gaston Carraud, Marie-Félicie-Clémence de Grandval, Gaston Sarreau, Louis Vierne, Georges Flé, Adam Laussel, dit Adam-Laussel, Anselm Vinée, Otto Bouwens van der Boijen, Max Arham, Alfredo D'Ambrosio, Omer Létourneau, José Paulino Rolón Alcaraz, Jacques-Michel Zoubaloff, Georges-Louis Pantillon, Robert Le Grand, Serge Gut, A. Bourland-Ladam, Charles-Samuel Bovy-Lysberg, Gustave Kéfer. Go to the text.

Also set in German (Deutsch), a translation by Karl Vollheim , title 1: "Ein Wunsch" ENG ENG ITA by Gustav Hasse. Go to the text.

Also set in Italian (Italiano), a translation by Giuseppe Zaffira , title unknown ENG GER ENG by Émile Pessard. Go to the text. [Note: text not yet unavailable]

Also set in Italian (Italiano), a translation by Angelo Zanardini (1820 - 1893) , title unknown ENG GER ENG by Ettore Perosio, Francesco Paolo Tosti. Go to the text. [Note: text not yet unavailable]

Also set in English, a translation possibly by Paul England GER ITA by Percy Reeve. Go to the text. [Note: text not yet unavailable]

Also set in English, a translation by Anonymous/Unidentified Artist , title unknown GER ITA by Bainbridge Crist. Go to the text. [Note: text not yet unavailable]

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