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Available Poems in A Child's Garden of Verses (by Robert Louis Stevenson )


  • A good boy  (Homer Newton Bartlett, Thomas Crawford, Reynaldo Hahn, Roger Quilter, Teresa del Riego, Malcolm Benjamin Graham Christopher Williamson) FRE FRE
  • Armies in the fire  (Kathleen Richards)
  • A thought  (Grace Wilbur Conant, Edward Falk, Antonio Giacometti, Marvin Radnor) ITA
  • At the sea-side  (Natalie Burlin Curtis, Edward Falk, Frederica Elvira Gambogi, Karl Wilson Gehrkens, William Otto Miessner)
  • Auntie's skirt  (Vladimir Drozdoff, Edward Falk)
  • Autumn fires  (Houston Bright, T. A. Dorr, Marian McLaughlin, Marvin Radnor, Aleta Rossiter, Eleanor Smith)
  • Bed in summer  ([more than ten composers]) ITA
  • Block City  (Ethel Crowningshield, Sven Lekberg, Marvin Radnor)
  • Escape at bedtime  (Ethel Crowningshield, Edward Falk, Corey Field, Reynaldo Hahn, Robert Edward Jager, Liza Lehmann, Oskar Morawetz) FRE FRE
  • Fairy bread  (Adolph Martin Foerster, Frederica Elvira Gambogi, Marvin Radnor, Eleanor Smith)
  • Farewell to the farm  (George Whitefield Chadwick, Thomas Crawford, Ethel Crowningshield, Natalie Burlin Curtis, Joseph Groocock, Thomas Griffen Shepard, Muriel Thomas, Patrick Williams)
  • Foreign children  ([more than ten composers]) ITA
  • Foreign lands  (Edward Falk, Liza Lehmann, Marvin Radnor, Mary Elizabeth Turner Salter, Thomas Griffen Shepard, Charles Villiers Stanford, Sir)
  • From a railway carriage  ([more than ten composers])
  • Good and bad children  (Joseph Eidson, Liza Lehmann, Graham Peel)
  • Happy thought  (Houston Bright, Joan Clark, Edward Falk, Antonio Giacometti, Robert Edward Jager, Marvin Radnor, Malcolm Benjamin Graham Christopher Williamson, Luigi Zaninelli) ITA
  • Keepsake Mill  (Ethel Crowningshield, Liza Lehmann, Oskar Morawetz)
  • Looking forward  (Ernst Bacon, Edward Falk, Antonio Giacometti, Malcolm Benjamin Graham Christopher Williamson) ITA
  • Looking-Glass River  (Ernst Bacon, John Alden Carpenter, Ivor Gurney)
  • Marching song  ([more than ten composers])
  • My bed is a boat  (Harry Brook, Antonio Giacometti, William Wallace Gilchrist, Cecilia Loftus, Graham Peel, Marvin Radnor, Teresa del Riego, Percy Purvis Turnbull, Malcolm Benjamin Graham Christopher Williamson) ITA
  • My kingdom  (Thomas Crawford, Richard Franko Goldman, Jan Masséus, Oskar Morawetz)
  • My shadow  ([more than ten composers])
  • My ship and I  ([more than ten composers]) FRE FRE
  • My treasures  (Ethel Crowningshield)
  • Night and day  (Ernst Bacon, Marvin Radnor)
  • Picture-books in Winter  (Thomas Crawford, Ethel Crowningshield, Ian Higginson, Daniel Gregory Mason)
  • Pirate story  (Edward Falk, Joseph Groocock, Sidney Homer, Graham Peel, Charles Villiers Stanford, Sir)
  • Rain  ([more than ten composers]) ITA
  • Singing  ([more than ten composers])
  • Summer sun  (Grace Wilbur Conant, Marvin Radnor)
  • System  (Natalie Burlin Curtis, Edward Falk, Caroline Susan Theodora Grosvenor, Liza Lehmann)
  • The cow  ([more than ten composers])
  • The flowers  (Marvin Radnor, Arthur Rosenstein, Malcolm Benjamin Graham Christopher Williamson)
  • The hayloft  (Ian Higginson, Robin Humphrey Milford, David Moule-Evans, Harold William Rhodes)
  • The lamplighter  ([more than ten composers]) ITA
  • The Land of Counterpane  (George Whitefield Chadwick, Ethel Crowningshield, Robert Edward Jager, William Otto Miessner, Marvin Radnor, Thomas Griffen Shepard)
  • The Land of Nod  (Ethel Crowningshield, Joseph Eidson, Edward Falk, William Wallace Gilchrist, Homer Albert Norris, Marvin Radnor, Luigi Zaninelli)
  • The Land of Story-Books  (Homer Newton Bartlett)
  • The moon  ([more than ten composers])
  • The sun's travels  (Arthur Foote, Harold William Rhodes, Arnold McC. Shields)
  • The swing  ([more than ten composers]) FRE FRE
  • The unseen playmate  (Ethel Crowningshield, Richard Hundley)
  • The wind  ([more than ten composers])
  • Time to rise  (Ethel Crowningshield, Natalie Burlin Curtis, Vladimir Drozdoff, Edward Falk, Frederica Elvira Gambogi, Marvin Radnor, Teresa del Riego, Alec Rowley, Malcolm Benjamin Graham Christopher Williamson) ITA
  • Travel  (Daniel Protheroe)
  • Where go the boats?  ([more than ten composers]) ITA
  • Whole duty of children  (Houston Bright, Edward Falk, Malcolm Benjamin Graham Christopher Williamson) ITA
  • Windy nights  ([more than ten composers]) FRE GER FRE
  • Young night thought  (Ethel Crowningshield, Edward Falk, Arthur Foote, Joseph Groocock, Henry Kimball Hadley, Sidney Homer, Graham Peel, Marvin Radnor)