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Fulgens iubar ecclesiae dei
Language: Latin 
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 Fulgens iubar ecclesiae dei,
 Peccatorum salus promptissima,
 Si precibus quibuscumque flecti
 Queras, nobis da, virgo beata,
 Ut omnes qui tuae mysteria
 Purificationis colimus
 Post temporis hujus curricula
   Sublimemur sanctorum sedibus.

 Quae semine viri peperisset,
 Mulierem lex quondam congebat,
 Ut ad templum purganda veniret
 Partum ferens; lex haec non urgebat
 Mariam, quae virum non noverat.
 Illa tamen pro nobis omnibus
 Legem tulit, ut nos quos amabat
   Sublimemur sanctorum sedibus.
 Quod purgari non indignaverit,
 Hujus festo monstrat ecclesia
 Per cereum, quem tunc quisque tenet.
 Luce enim qua fulget candela,
 Persplendorem vitae in Maria
 Concorditer omnes ostendimus,
 Ut per sue tandem precamina
   Sublimemur sanctorum sedibus.
 O igitur virtutis exemplar,
 Virginum lux, gloriosa virgo,
 Decus nostrum et, ut verum loquar,
 Viva virtus, pulchra pulchritudo,
 Sanctitatis excellens imago,
 Humiliter a te requirimus,
 Ut post mortem cum dulci gaudio
   Sublimemur sanctorum sedibus.
 Puerpera, pura parens
 Enixa regem saeculi,
 Tibi non fit, orba parens,
 Ritu mens: vales saeculi
 Vitam reddere, nonulli
 Salvati sunt hoc limite;
 Das haec merito tituli:
   "Fili, peccata remitte!"
 Eja, virgo lapsu carens,
 Charta qua ditem expuli,
 Annuisti legi verens
 Solvere legem; et pulli
 Turturum tis infantuli
 Demonstrant1 ablati vitae
 Lumen pro me quod intuli.
   "Fili, peccata remitte!"
 Larga mater, lux oriens
 Omen dedit opuscoli,
 Cum Simeon non moriens
 Amplexatur hunc: "oculi
 Numen vident et servuli"
 Tenore dat verbum mite.
 Ad Christum dic: "te protuli:
   Fili, peccata remitte!"
 O igitur virgo clemens,
 Quae nos omnes redemisti,
 Domus Dei, gemma fulgens
 Dulcis porta paradisi,
 Dic nunc, quaeso, tuae ptoli,
 Quem lactasti tuo lacte:
 "Istis qui serviunt tibi,
   Fili, peccata remitte!"

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Radiant splendour of God's church
Language: English  after the Latin 
 Radiant splendour of God's church,
 Readiest salvation of sinners,
 If you seek to be moved by the prayers
 Of sinners, grant to us, blessed virgin,
 That all we who venerate 
 The mysteries of your purification
 After the course of this time on earth
   Might be raised up to the dwellings of the saints.

 Any woman who had given birth from the seed of man
 The law formerly compelled
 To come to the temple to be purified
 Bringing her child; this law did not force
 Mary, who had not known a man.
 She however on behalf of us all
 Accepted the law, that we whom she loved
   Might be raised up to the dwellings of the saints.

 That she did not disdain to be purified,
 The church shows in her festival
 Through a taper which everyone then holds.
 By the light, indeed, with which the candle shines
 We all show as one
 The great splendour of life in Mary,
 That we at last through her prayers
   Might be raised up to the dwellings of the saints.

 Therefore o pattern of virtue,
 Light of maidens, glorious maid,
 Our honour and, as I truly say,
 Our living virtue, beautiful beauty,
 Outstanding image of holiness,
 Humbly we beg of you
 That after death with sweet rejoicing we
   Might be raised up to the dwellings of the saints.

 Child-bearer, pure parent
 Who brought forth the king of the world,
 Your mind, bereaved parent, does not
 Expect customary rites: you have power over the world
 To grant life, and some
 Have been saved in this way;
 You give to the one deserving it your commendation:
   "Son, forgive his sins!"

 Oh virgin with no failings,
 The map by which I have driven away love of money,
 You have approved disapplying the law
 While respecting it; and your infant
 Chicks of turtle-doves
 Though taken away show forth the light
 Of life which I had borne before me:
   "Son, forgive his sins!"

 Bountiful mother, the rising light
 Gave us the sign of a tiny thing
 When Simeon who could not die
 Embraced this child: "The eyes
 Of your servant now see the glory of God"
 He said in his mild way.
 Speak then to Christ: "I have brought you forward;
   Son, forgive his sins!"

 Therefore o merciful virgin,
 You who redeemed us all,
 House of God, shining jewel,
 Sweet gateway of paradise,
 Say now I beg you to your son
 Whom you fed with your own milk:
 "To everyone that serves you,
   Son, forgive his sins!"


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