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What was new in April, 2007

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58 song texts (113 settings), 12 placeholders, and 14 translations have been added as follows:

    • The Mad Gardener's Song (Gary Bachlund) (Text: Lewis Carroll)
    • Translation: Le torri che toccano le nubi  ITA (after William Shakespeare: The cloud-capp'd towers, the gorgeous palaces )
    • A total of 1 setting was added.
    • A total of 2 texts, translations, and placeholders were added.
    • The harlot's house (Gary Bachlund, Thomas Pasatieri) (Text: Oscar Wilde)
    • When music sounds, gone is the earth I know (Gary Bachlund, Patricia Cartwright, T. Hopkins Evans, Gerald Gover, Dom Gregory Murray, Gardner Read, Edwin M. Smith, Mervyn, Lord Horder, the Second Baron of Ashford) (Text: Walter de la Mare)
    • The Place of the Damned (Gary Bachlund) (Text: Jonathan Swift)
    • Good and Clever (Gary Bachlund) (Text: Elizabeth Wordsworth, Dame)
    • A total of 5 settings were added.
    • A total of 4 texts, translations, and placeholders were added.
    • Where is beauty? (Gary Bachlund, George Norman Peterkin, Hugh Stevenson Roberton, Sir, Herbert Norman Howells) (Text: Walter de la Mare)
    • Full moon (Gary Bachlund, Edward Allam, Lennox Randal Francis Berkeley, Sir, Herbert Norman Howells, William Brocklesby Wordsworth, Juliana Hall) (Text: Walter de la Mare)
    • Then (Gary Bachlund, Cecil Armstrong Gibbs) (Text: Walter de la Mare)
    • Hide and seek (Gary Bachlund, James Brown, John Emeléus, Cecil Armstrong Gibbs, Howard D. McKinney, Anthony Francis Dominic Milner, Edwin C. Rose) (Text: Walter de la Mare)
    • The cupboard (Gary Bachlund, Victor Harris, Christian Victor Hely-Hutchinson, Eric Leigh, Howard D. McKinney, William Otto Miessner, Anthony Francis Dominic Milner, Douglas Stuart Moore, Dorothy Parke, May A. Strong) (Text: Walter de la Mare)
    • Miss T. (Gary Bachlund, Cecil Armstrong Gibbs, Herbert Norman Howells, Sergius Kagen) (Text: Walter de la Mare)
    • Some one (Gary Bachlund, Samuel Hans Adler, Violet Balestreri Archer, Maurice Besly, Bainbridge Crist, Newton Swift, Randall Thompson, Herbert Norman Howells) (Text: Walter de la Mare)
    • Tired Tim (Gary Bachlund, Eileen Belchamber, Bainbridge Crist, David Faulkner, Herbert Norman Howells, Juliana Hall) (Text: Walter de la Mare)
    • The lost shoe (Gary Bachlund, Anthony Francis Dominic Milner, James Oldfield Turner) (Text: Walter de la Mare)
    • Fleur desséchée (Pauline Viardot-García) (Text: Louis Pomey after Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin)
    • Translation: Nevermore  ENG (after Paul Verlaine: Nevermore (Souvenir, souvenir, que me veux-tu? ))
    • Amsel in dem schwarzen Kleid (Erik Meyer-Helmund, Wilhelm Reinhard Berger, Friedrich Hesse, Rudolf Förster, Emil Breslaur) (Text: Rudolph Baumbach)
    • Wiegenlied (Erik Meyer-Helmund)
    • Es steigen die Glöckchen (Erik Meyer-Helmund, Luise Greger, Hugo Richard Jüngst, Reinhold Ludwig Herman, R. Fried, Rudolf Förster, Arno Kleffel, Fritz Kauffmann) (Text: Rudolph Baumbach)
    • Mit dem süssen Duft des Flieders (Erik Meyer-Helmund) (Text: Erik Meyer-Helmund after Anonymous/Unidentified Artist)
    • [No title] [x]
    • Translation: When will I see again, alas  ENG (after Joachim du Bellay: Heureux qui, comme Ulysse, a fait un beau voyage)
    • Quand reverrai-je, hélas! (André Caplet) (Text: Joachim du Bellay)
    • An die Nachtigall (Friedrich Niggli) (Text: Adolf Frey) [x]
    • Zwei Segel (Friedrich Niggli, Julius Weismann) (Text: Conrad Ferdinand Meyer)
    • Ausgleich (Friedrich Niggli) (Text: Karl Friedrich Henckell) [x]
    • 's Liedli (Othmar Schoeck) (Text: Meinrad Lienert) [x]
    • 's Seeli (Othmar Schoeck) (Text: Meinrad Lienert) [x]
    • Des Küsters Kind (Friedrich Niggli) [x]
    • Die Hilfreiche (Friedrich Niggli) (Text: Adolf Frey) [x]
    • Über die beglänzten Gipfel (Wilhelm Baumgartner, Ernst Rudorff, Heinrich von Sahr) (Text: Josef Karl Benedikt von Eichendorff)
    • Gasel (Hermann Suter) (Text: Gottfried Keller)
    • Am fliessenden Wasser II (Hermann Suter) (Text: Gottfried Keller)
    • Hell im Silberlichte flimmernd (Hermann Suter, Robert Kahn, Walter Rabl) (Text: Gottfried Keller)
    • Reiselied (Hermann Suter, Paul Frankenburger, Alban Maria Johannes Berg, Wolfgang Fortner) (Text: Hugo Hofmann, Edler von Hofmannsthal)
    • Im Regen (Hermann Suter) (Text: Gustav Falke)
    • Anbetung (Hermann Suter) (Text: Richard Fedor Leopold Dehmel)
    • Der Kranz (Hermann Suter) (Text: von Ermatinger after Asclepiades of Samos) [x]
    • [No title] (Text: Asclepiades of Samos) [x]
    • So laß mich träumen ohne Ende (Frédéric Louis Ritter, Hermann Suter, Felix Draeseke, Karl Munzinger, Otto Dorn, Adolf Beyschlag, Otto Gieseker, Frederick Brandeis, C. Fehland, Edwin Schultz, Adalbert Ûberlée) (Text: Ferdinand Freiligrath)
    • Summer nights (Frederick Delius) (Text: Friedrich Christian Delius after Holger Henrik Herholdt Drachmann)
    • Paa Stranden skælver ej det mindste Blad (Frederick Delius, Frederick Delius, Agathe Ursula Backer-Grøndahl, Christian Sinding) (Text: Holger Henrik Herholdt Drachmann)
    • Aus deinen Augen fließen meine Lieder (Frederick Delius, Franz Ries, Alexander Julius Paul Dorn, Theodor Heinrich Gerlach) (Text: Dorothea Böttcher von Schwerin)
    • A total of 69 settings were added.
    • A total of 38 texts, translations, and placeholders were added.
    • Translation: O love, love as long as you can!  ENG (after Ferdinand Freiligrath: O lieb, solang du lieben kannst )
    • A total of 1 text or placeholder was added.
    • O sweet woods (John Dowland) (Text: Philip Sidney, Sir)
    • Away with these selfe loving lads (John Dowland) (Text: Fulke Grenville Brooke, Baron)
    • A total of 2 settings were added.
    • A total of 2 texts, translations, and placeholders were added.

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