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Osculetur me osculo oris sui
Language: Latin 
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1  Osculetur me osculo oris sui;
   quia meliora sunt ubera tua vino,
2  fragrantia unguentis optimis.
   Oleum effusum nomen tuum;
   ideo adolescentulæ dilexerunt te.
3  Trahe me, post te curremus
   in odorem unguentorum tuorum.
   Introduxit me rex in cellaria sua;
   exsultabimus et lætabimur in te,
   memores uberum tuorum super vinum.
   Recti diligunt te.
4  Nigra sum, sed formosa, filiæ Jerusalem,
   sicut tabernacula Cedar, sicut pelles Salomonis.
5  Nolite me considerare quod fusca sim,
   quia decoloravit me sol.
   Filii matris meæ pugnaverunt contra me;
   posuerunt me custodem in vineis:
   vineam meam non custodivi.
6  Indica mihi, quem diligit anima mea, ubi pascas,
   ubi cubes in meridie,
   ne vagari incipiam post greges sodalium tuorum.
7  Si ignoras te, o pulcherrima inter mulieres,
   egredere, et abi post vestigia gregum,
   et pasce hædos tuos juxta tabernacula pastorum.
8  Equitatui meo in curribus Pharaonis
   assimilavi te, amica mea.
9  Pulchræ sunt genæ tuæ sicut turturis;
   collum tuum sicut monilia.
10 Murenulas aureas faciemus tibi,
   vermiculatas argento.
11 Dum esset rex in accubitu suo,
   nardus mea dedit odorem suum.
12 Fasciculus myrrhæ dilectus meus mihi;
   inter ubera mea commorabitur.
13 Botrus cypri dilectus meus mihi
   in vineis Engaddi.
14 Ecce tu pulchra es, amica mea! ecce tu pulchra es!
   Oculi tui columbarum.
15 Ecce tu pulcher es, dilecte mi, et decorus!
   Lectulus noster floridus.
16 Tigna domorum nostrarum cedrina,
   laquearia nostra cypressina.

G. Palestrina sets lines 1-2

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Him Oh to be kissed by the kiss of her...
Language: English  after the Latin 
1  [Him] Oh to be kissed by the kiss of her mouth; 
   for your breasts are sweeter than wine,
2  Fragrant with the best of perfumes. 
   Your name is like fine oil poured out; 
   for that reason the young girls loved you.
3  Draw me to you, let us run behind you 
   into the scent of your perfume. 
   The king has led me into his cellars.
   [Them] We shall exult and be joyful in you, 
   thinking of your breasts more than of wine. 
   The righteous loved you.
4  [Her]   I am dark-skinned but beautiful, daughters of Jerusalem, 
   like the tents of Kedar, like the skins of Solomon’s [tents].
5  Do not look down on me that I am dark, 
   because the sun has scorched. 
   My mother’s sons used to fight me; 
   they made me watch over the vineyards; 
   I did not watch over my own vineyard.
6  Show me, you whom my soul has loved, where you feed [your flock], 
   where you rest at midday, so that I will not begin to wander 
   after the flocks of your companions.
7  [Him]   If you do not know, o most beautiful among women, 
   go out and go after the flocks’ tracks, 
   and feed your kids next to the shepherds’ tents.
8  I have compared you to my horse 
   among the chariots of Pharaoh, my beloved.
9  For your cheeks are beautiful like those of a dove; 
   your neck like jewels.
10 [Them] We will make you golden necklaces, 
   inlaid with silver.
11 [Her] While the king was on his couch, 
   my nard gave out its scent.
12 My love is like a bunch of myrrh-leaves to me;
   he rests between my breasts.
13 My love is to me like a cluster of [sweet-smelling] cyprus-leaves
   in the vineyards of Engaddi.
14 [Him]  How beautiful you are, my beloved! How beautiful you are! 
   Your eyes are like those of doves.
15 [Her] How handsome you are, my love, and how elegant!
   [Him]   Our bed is covered in flowers.
16 The timbers of our home are cedar, 
   our ceilings are of cypress.

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Translator's note: for clarity, I have marked sections ‘Him’ (the male lover), ‘Her’ (his girlfriend) and ‘Them’ (their friends)


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