by Sappho (flourished c610-c580 BCE)
Translation by Vyacheslav Ivanovich Ivanov (1866 - 1949)

Plach po Adonisu
Language: Russian (Русский)  after the Aeolic Greek 
Chto, Kiprida, tvorit`,
    Nam povelish`?
  Niknet Adónis,
  Nezhny'j Adónis!

«Bejte v persi, vzry'dav,
    Devy', po nem!
  Rvite xitony'!
  Umer Adónis!»...

Plashhanicej l`nyanoj
    Ty' povila
  Telo, boginya!..
  O, moj Adónis!

Confirmed with Сапфо и Алкей, Харьков "Фолио", 2008, page 33.

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Based on
  • a text in Aeolic Greek by Sappho (flourished c610-c580 BCE), "Κατθνάισκει, Κυθέρη᾽, ἄβρος"

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