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What was new in October, 2004

[x] indicates a placeholder for a text that is not yet in the database
* indicates that a text cannot (yet?) be displayed on this site because of its copyright status.

25 song texts (88 settings), 32 placeholders, and 36 translations have been added as follows:

    • Translation: De zigeuner eet kwark  DUT (after Anonymous/Unidentified Artist: Túrót ëscik a cigány, duba )
    • Túrót ëscik a cigány (Zoltán Kodály)
    • A total of 3 settings were added.
    • A total of 2 texts, translations, and placeholders were added.
    • Lavender Pond (Michael Head) (Text: Cicely Fox Smith)
    • Translation: The return  ENG (after Georges Delaquys: Ulysse part la voile au vent )
    • Translation: Reflections  ENG (after Maurice Maeterlinck: Reflets (Sous l'eau du songe qui s'élève ))
    • Translation: Expectation  ENG (after Maurice Maeterlinck: Attente (Mon âme a joint ses mains étranges ))
    • Translation: In the Immense Sadness  ENG (after Berthe Galeron de Calone: Dans l'immense tristesse et dans le lourd silence )
    • A total of 5 settings were added.
    • A total of 5 texts, translations, and placeholders were added.
    • Translation: Margarita en la Rueca  SPA (after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Meine Ruh' ist hin )
    • Translation: Sabbatmorgen auf See   GER (after Elizabeth Barrett Browning: A Sabbath on the Sea (The ship went on with solemn face ))
    • A total of 2 texts, translations, and placeholders were added.
    • ¿Por qué te llamaré? (Joaquín Rodrigo Vidre) (Text: Fina de Calderón) *
    • Árbol (Joaquín Rodrigo Vidre) (Text: Fina de Calderón) *
    • Romance de la infantina de Francia (Joaquín Rodrigo Vidre)
    • Cantiga (Joaquín Rodrigo Vidre) (Text: Gil Vicente)
    • Translation: Solamente a tu lado  SPA (after Johann Gabriel Seidl: Bei dir allein empfind' ich, daß ich lebe)
    • A total of 4 settings were added.
    • A total of 5 texts, translations, and placeholders were added.
    • Verschwiegene Liebe (Walter von Goethe) (Text: Staufer) [x]
    • [No title] [x]
    • Alles geht vorüber (Walter von Goethe) (Text: Joseph, Freiherr von Hammer-Purgstall after Anonymous/Unidentified Artist) [x]
    • Rettung (Walter von Goethe) (Text: Volkslieder ) [x]
    • Frühling (Walter von Goethe) (Text: Karl Eduard von Holtei) [x]
    • Der Klostergarten (Walter von Goethe) (Text: Eduard Vogt) [x]
    • Des Hammerschmieds Liebe (Walter von Goethe) (Text: Eduard Vogt) [x]
    • Heimweh (Walter von Goethe) (Text: Eduard Vogt) [x]
    • Liebesgruß (Walter von Goethe) (Text: Eduard Vogt) [x]
    • A total of 18 settings were added.
    • A total of 9 texts, translations, and placeholders were added.
    • An seine Spröde (Gottfried Emil Fischer, Arnold Mendelssohn) (Text: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
    • Sommermondnacht (Gottfried Emil Fischer) (Text: Karl Philipp Conz) [x]
    • Goldner Schein deckt den Hain (Franz Peter Schubert, Hans Georg Nägeli, Gottfried Emil Fischer) (Text: Friedrich von Matthisson)
    • An Sylvien (Gottfried Emil Fischer) (Text: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
    • Kriegsglück (Gottfried Emil Fischer) (Text: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
    • Kriegsmut im Dreißigjährigen Kriege (Gottfried Emil Fischer) [x]
    • Soldatenleben im Siebenjährigen Kriege (Gottfried Emil Fischer)
    • Waldgesang (Gottfried Emil Fischer) (Text: Hans Georg Nägeli) [x]
    • Waldnacht! Jagdlust! (Gottfried Emil Fischer, Anton Grigoryevich Rubinstein, C. T. Moritz, Johann Hugo Christian Ludwig Herkules Staehle) (Text: Johann Ludwig Tieck)
    • Frühlingslied (Gottfried Emil Fischer) (Text: ? Bormann) [x]
    • Lied im Frühling (Gottfried Emil Fischer) (Text: Julius) [x]
    • Die wandernden Sänger (Gottfried Emil Fischer) (Text: Julius) [x]
    • Wandrers Lied (Gottfried Emil Fischer) (Text: Thorbecke) [x]
    • Mailied (Gottfried Emil Fischer) (Text: August) [x]
    • Stimmt an mit hellem hohen Klang (Gottfried Emil Fischer, Johann Albert Gottlieb Methfessel) (Text: Matthias Claudius)
    • Al Roverscio (Gottfried Emil Fischer) (Text: Hans Georg Nägeli) [x]
    • Frühlings Einzug (Gottfried Emil Fischer) (Text: Thorbecke) [x]
    • Morgenlied (Gottfried Emil Fischer) [x]
    • Die beste Zeit im Jahr ist mein (Gottfried Emil Fischer, Melchior Vulpius, Friedrich Nuhn, Eduard August Grell) (Text: Martin Luther)
    • Wie Feld und Au so blinkend im Tau (E. Draude, Gottfried Emil Fischer, Moritz Hauptmann, Johann Friedrich Reichardt, Robert Franz, Hugo Wolf, Robert Kahn, Othmar Schoeck, Friedrich Hegar, Arnold Mendelssohn, Bernhard Klein, Albert Hermann Dietrich, Adolph Bernhard Marx, Hans Georg Nägeli, Adalbert von Goldschmidt, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Eduard Schön, Gustav Jansen [not F. G. Jansen], Adolf Brandt, Carl Ludwig Amand Mangold) (Text: Johann Georg Jacobi)
    • A total of 36 settings were added.
    • A total of 20 texts, translations, and placeholders were added.
    • Translation: The Forsaken Woman  ENG (after Augustine-Malvina Souville Blanchecotte: Ah! je ne savais pas qu'il pouvait m'être doux )
    • A total of 1 text or placeholder was added.
    • Elvira, anima mia (Antonio Vivaldi)
    • A total of 2 settings were added.
    • A total of 1 text or placeholder was added.
    • Translation: Saltarello  ENG (after Émile Deschamps: Venez, enfants de la Romagne)
    • Translation: Come to These Golden Sands  ENG (after Guy de Pourtalès: Venez jusqu'à ces sables d'or )
    • Translation: The Dawn of a Beautiful Day  ENG (after Ambroise Bétourné: Venez donc pour fêter le réveil d'un beau jour)
    • Translation: Haying Time  ENG (after Stella: La fenaison (Venez fillettes et garçons ))
    • A total of 4 texts, translations, and placeholders were added.
    • Translation: I burn for you, my love  ENG (after Anonymous/Unidentified Artist: Ardo per te, mio bene, ma l'ardore )
    • Ardo per te, mio bene (Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa)
    • Translation: The distance  ENG (after Felice Romani: Or ch'io sono a te rapita )
    • Translation: Go, fortunate rose  ENG (after Pietro Metastasio: Vanne, o rosa fortunata )
    • Translation: The fervent wish  ENG (after Anonymous/Unidentified Artist: Quando verrà quel dì)
    • Translation: For Pity's Sake  ENG (after Pietro Metastasio: Per pietà, bell'idol mio)
    • Translation: Sorrowful Image  ENG (after Anonymous/Unidentified Artist: Dolente immagine di Fille mia)
    • A total of 5 settings were added.
    • A total of 7 texts, translations, and placeholders were added.
    • Der Herzenswechsel (Friedrich Heinrich Himmel) (Text: Johann Gottfried Herder)
    • next to of course god america i (Winfield Clark, Richard James Brooks) (Text: E. E. Cummings) *
    • Buffalo Bill 's defunct (Winfield Clark, James Yannatos, Gary Bachlund, Ellen Mandel) (Text: E. E. Cummings)
    • Translation: From Evangelia to John  ENG (after Bible or other Sacred Texts: Больши сея любве никто же иммать, да кто душ&)
    • Translation: Brooding  ENG (after Aleksey Nikolayevich Pleshcheyev: Дума (Проходят дни... проходят ночи ))
    • Translation: My child, you are beautiful as a flower  ENG (after Aleksey Nikolayevich Pleshcheyev: Дитя, как цветок ты прекрасна)
    • Translation: Letter to K.S. Stanislavsky from S. S. Rachmaninov  ENG (after Sergei Vasil'yevich Rachmaninov: Дорогой Константин Сергеевич )
    • Translation: The Death of Artists  ENG (after Charles Baudelaire: La mort des artistes (Combien faut-il de fois secouer mes grelots ))
    • Translation: Abel and Cain  ENG (after Charles Baudelaire: Abel et Caïn (Race d'Abel, dors, bois et mange ))
    • Translation: To a Red-Headed Beggar Maid  ENG (after Charles Baudelaire: À une mendiante rousse (Blanche fille aux cheveux roux ))
    • Translation: Love and the Skull  ENG (after Charles Baudelaire: L'amour et le crâne (L'amour est assis sur le crâne ))
    • Translation: To the Madonna  ENG (after (Paul) Jules Barbier: Blanche madone notre patronne )
    • Translation: To the one who is leaving  ENG (after Armand Silvestre: Lorsque la mer et Toi vous serez face à face)
    • Translation: To a cicada  ENG (after Rémy Belleau: Ha! Que nous t'estimons heureuse )
    • A total of 3 settings were added.
    • A total of 14 texts, translations, and placeholders were added.

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