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Available Poems in Pomes Penyeach (by James Joyce )


  • no. 1. Tilly  (Stanley Richard Bate, Vivian Fine, Ernest John Moeran) FRE GER
  • no. 2. Watching the needleboats at San Sabba  (Stanley Richard Bate, Arnold Edward Trevor Bax, Sir, Brian Boydell, Robin Field, John Gruen, Geert van Keulen) FRE GER
  • no. 3. A flower given to my daughter  (Lorne M. Betts, David Del Tredici, David Leo Diamond, Bernard van Dieren, Ernest John Moeran, Albert Roussel, Ronald Stevenson, William Strickland) FRE GER ITA
  • no. 4. She weeps over Rahoon  ([more than ten composers]) FRE GER
  • no. 5. Tutto è sciolto  (Stanley Richard Bate, Lorne M. Betts, John Ireland, Jack Marius Jarrett, Donald James Martino) FRE GER
  • no. 6. On the beach at Fontana  (Lorne M. Betts, Bill Hopkins, Jack Marius Jarrett, Geert van Keulen, Roger Sessions) FRE GER
  • no. 7. Simples  (Arthur Edward Drummond Bliss, Sir, David Del Tredici, Robin Field, Ben Moore, Laughton W. Patrick, Bernard Rands, John David White) FRE GER
  • no. 8. Flood  (Lorne M. Betts, Herbert Norman Howells) FRE GER
  • no. 9. Nightpiece  (George Antheil, David Del Tredici, Geert van Keulen, Michael Murray) FRE GER
  • no. 10. Alone  (Carlos Botto Vallarino, Brian Boydell, Edgardo Carducci, David Del Tredici, Robin Field, John Gruen, Jack Marius Jarrett, Donald James Martino, Rick Sowash) FRE GER
  • no. 11. A memory of the players in a mirror at midnight  (David Del Tredici, Eugene Goossens, Sir, Donald James Martino) FRE
  • no. 12. Bahnhofstrasse  (Stanley Richard Bate, David Del Tredici, Robin Field, John Gruen, Charles Wilfred Orr) FRE
  • no. 13. A prayer  (Bernard van Dieren) FRE