possibly by Anacreon (c582BCE - c485BCE)

Eis lyran
Language: Greek (Ελληνικά) 
Thélō légein Ἀtreídas,
thélō dὲ Kádmon ἄidein,
ὁ várvitos dὲ chordaῖs
ἔrōta moῦnon ἠcheῖ.
ἤmeipsa neῦra prṓīn
kaὶ tὴn lýrīn ἅpasan·
kἀgὼ mὲn ἦidon ἄthloys
Ἡrakléoys, lýrī dé
ἔrōtas ἀntefṓnei.
chaíroite loipὸn ἡmῖn,
ἥrōes· ἡ lýrī gár
mónoys ἔrōtas ἄidei.

Note (provided by Peter Rastl): this text might not be by Anacreon but by a later imitator. See Anacreontea quæ dicuntur secundum levesquii collationem codicis palatini recensuit, strophis suis restituit, stephani notis integris, aliorum selectis suisque, illustravit Dr. Fridericus Mehlhorn, gymnasii evangelici glogaviensis archididascalus, Glogaviæ, in Libraria Nova Guenteriana, 1825 ; also see Albin Lesky, Geschichte der griechischen Literatur, 3rd edition, 1971, Bern und München, page 210.

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