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What was new in July, 2004

[x] indicates a placeholder for a text that is not yet in the database
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233 song texts (304 settings), 15 placeholders, and 53 translations have been added as follows:

    • Elfenreigen (Robert Alexander Schumann) (Text: Moritz Horn)
    • Johannis war gekommen (Robert Alexander Schumann) (Text: Moritz Horn)
    • Die Frühlingslüfte bringen (Robert Alexander Schumann) (Text: Moritz Horn)
    • Translation: Old love song  ENG (after Volkslieder (Folksongs): Ich fahr dahin, wenn es muß sein )
    • A total of 3 settings were added.
    • A total of 4 texts, translations, and placeholders were added.
    • Translation: Abril  SPA (after Trinitat Catasús i Catasús: Trèmula rialla de dia daurat )
    • Abril (Eduard Toldrà Soler) (Text: Trinitat Catasús i Catasús)
    • Translation: Lamento de Dido  SPA (after Nahum Tate: Thy hand, Belinda, darkness shades me)
    • Heimatlied (Johann Wenzeslaus Kalliwoda)
    • Translation: Now the roses are blooming  ENG (after Paul Heyse: Nun stehen die Rosen in Blüte )
    • Translation: Your tender heart  ENG (after Paul Heyse: Dein Herzlein mild)
    • Translation: The forgotten lad  ENG (after Fernando Periquet: Cuando recuerdes los días pasados)
    • Translation: Serenade  ENG (after Anonymous/Unidentified Artist: Avec une si belle main )
    • Translation: The offering  ENG (after Anonymous/Unidentified Artist: Au dieu d'Amour une pucelle )
    • Translation: Covered couples  ENG (after Anonymous/Unidentified Artist: Je suis tant que dure le jour )
    • Translation: Invocation of the fates  ENG (after Anonymous/Unidentified Artist: Je jure, tant que je vivrai )
    • Translation: Madrigal  ENG (after Anonymous/Unidentified Artist: Vous êtes belle come un ange )
    • Translation: Drinking song  ENG (after Anonymous/Unidentified Artist: Les rois d'Egypte et de Syrie )
    • Translation: The fickle mistress  ENG (after Anonymous/Unidentified Artist: Ma maîtresse est volage )
    • Translation: Leonora  ENG (after Marie Pierre Yves Escudier: Partir conviene: Leonora, addio )
    • Translation: The shepherd  ENG (after Gabriele D'Annunzio: Settembre, andiamo. É tempo di migrare)
    • Translation: The sea is more beautiful  ENG (after Paul Verlaine: La mer est plus belle )
    • A total of 2 settings were added.
    • A total of 17 texts, translations, and placeholders were added.
    • Fa una canzona (Orazio Vecchi)
    • Translation: The Girls of Cadix  ENG (after Louis Charles Alfred de Musset: Chanson (Nous venions de voir le taureau ))
    • Birds (Clara Edwards) (Text: Agnes Shakespeare Higginson , under the pseudonym Moira O'Neill)
    • A total of 3 settings were added.
    • A total of 3 texts, translations, and placeholders were added.
    • Altar (Ludvig Irgens-Jensen) (Text: Halldis Moren Vesaas) *
    • A total of 3 settings were added.
    • A total of 1 text or placeholder was added.
    • Dein Herzlein mild (Johannes Brahms, Adolf Jensen, Felix Semon, Julius Otto Grimm, Paul Hoppe, Johann Bernhard André, Josef Giehrl) (Text: Paul Heyse)
    • A total of 2 settings were added.
    • A total of 1 text or placeholder was added.
    • KM 21 (Ernest Vietor, Peter Visser, Peter Appenzeller, Richard Farber) (Text: Christian Morgenstern)
    • Waldmärchen (Franz Tischhauser, Wilfried Hiller) (Text: Christian Morgenstern)
    • Fips (Franz Tischhauser) (Text: Christian Morgenstern)
    • Thalatta (Yrjö Henrik Kilpinen) (Text: Christian Morgenstern)
    • Du trüber Tag (Yrjö Henrik Kilpinen) (Text: Christian Morgenstern)
    • Du dunkler Frühlingsgarten (Yrjö Henrik Kilpinen) (Text: Christian Morgenstern)
    • Du bist mein Land (Felix Paul Weingartner) (Text: Christian Morgenstern)
    • A total of 8 settings were added.
    • A total of 7 texts, translations, and placeholders were added.
    • Mondendinge (Ernest Vietor, Rudolf Jaggi, Friedrich Gulda, Richard Farber) (Text: Christian Morgenstern)
    • Die Schleiche singt ihr Nachtgebet (Ernest Vietor, Hans Krása, Ralf Albert Franz, Paul Hermann Franz Graener, Rudi Spring, Richard Farber) (Text: Christian Morgenstern)
    • Der Rabe Ralf (Ernest Vietor, Dieter Bäumle, Erik Bergman, Will Elfes, Gary Bachlund, Rudi Spring, Richard Farber) (Text: Christian Morgenstern)
    • Am Morgen spricht die Magd ganz wild (Ernest Vietor, Ralf Albert Franz, Friedrich Martin Adalbert Kayssler, Gary Bachlund, Richard Farber) (Text: Christian Morgenstern)
    • Psalm 6 (Edmund Duncan Rubbra) (Text: Bible or other Sacred Texts after Bible or other Sacred Texts)
    • Clouds (William Brocklesby Wordsworth, Ivor Gurney) (Text: Rupert Brooke)
    • The wind (William Brocklesby Wordsworth) (Text: Wilfrid Wilson Gibson)
    • Red skies (William Brocklesby Wordsworth) (Text: Stephen Phillips)
    • Dreams Melting (Howard Ferguson) (Text: Maurice Denton) *
    • Discovery (Howard Ferguson) (Text: Maurice Denton) *
    • Jane Allen (Howard Ferguson) (Text: Maurice Denton) *
    • Babylon (Howard Ferguson) (Text: Maurice Denton) *
    • A total of 14 settings were added.
    • A total of 12 texts, translations, and placeholders were added.
    • Translation: Departure  ENG (after Arthur Rimbaud: Départ (Assez vu. La vision s'est rencontrée à tous les airs ))
    • Translation: Parade  ENG (after Arthur Rimbaud: Parade (Des drôles très solides. Plusieurs ont exploité vos ))
    • Translation: Being Beauteous  ENG (after Arthur Rimbaud: Being beauteous (Devant une neige un Être de Beauté de haute taille ))
    • Translation: Interlude  ENG (after Arthur Rimbaud: J'ai seul la clef de cette parade sauvage )
    • Translation: Marine  ENG (after Arthur Rimbaud: Marine (Les chars d'argent et de cuivre ))
    • Translation: Royalty  ENG (after Arthur Rimbaud: Royauté (Un beau matin, chez un peuple fort doux, un homme ))
    • Translation: Phrase  ENG (after Not Applicable: J'ai tendu des cordes de clocher à clocher; des )
    • Translation: Antique  ENG (after Arthur Rimbaud: Antique (Gracieux fils de Pan! Autour de ton front couronné ))
    • Translation: Towns  ENG (after Arthur Rimbaud: Villes (Ce sont des villes !) (Ce sont des villes! C'est un peuple pour qui se ))
    • We are the music makers (Edward Elgar, Sir, David Leo Diamond, Shaun Hamilton Dillon, Harrison Kerr, Theron Kirk, Zoltán Kodály, Sven Lekberg, Carl F. Mueller, Sydney Hugo Nicholson, Sir, MVO, Paul Paviour, Margaret Shelley, Harry Simeone, Leo Smith, Elinor Remick Warren, Vally Weigl) (Text: Arthur William Edgar O'Shaughnessy)
    • Movement IV. Madrigal con ritornelli (Constant Lambert) (Text: Thomas Nashe)
    • Fair Summer droops, droop men and beasts therefore (Constant Lambert, David Rowland) (Text: Thomas Nashe)
    • London, to thee I do present the merry month of May (Benjamin Britten) (Text: Francis Beaumont)
    • Fair and fair (Benjamin Britten) (Text: George Peele)
    • When will my May come (Benjamin Britten) (Text: Richard Barnfield)
    • Out on the lawn I lie in bed (Benjamin Britten) (Text: W. H. Auden) *
    • Waters above (Benjamin Britten) (Text: Henry Vaughan)
    • Now the bright morning star, day's harbinger (Benjamin Britten, Ross Lee Finney, Michael Head) (Text: John Milton)
    • The merry cuckoo (Benjamin Britten) (Text: Edmund Spenser)
    • Der Traum (Robert Alexander Schumann, Hermann Goetz, Emil Sulzbach, Algernon Bennet Langton Ashton, Conradin Kreutzer, Alexander Winterberger, Julius Otto Grimm, Julius Janssen, Georg Vierling, Peter Gast, W. J. Otto Lessmann, Anton Urspruch) (Text: Johann Ludwig Uhland)
    • Bänkelsänger Willie (Robert Alexander Schumann) (Text: Wilhelm Christoph Leonhard Gerhard after Robert Burns)
    • Der Sänger (Robert Alexander Schumann) (Text: Johann Ludwig Uhland)
    • Die Nonne (Robert Alexander Schumann)
    • Der Rekrut (Robert Alexander Schumann) (Text: Wilhelm Christoph Leonhard Gerhard after Robert Burns)
    • Johnie Lad, Cock Up Your Beaver (Text: Robert Burns)
    • A total of 25 settings were added.
    • A total of 25 texts, translations, and placeholders were added.

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